Getting Started

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The minimum requirements:

  • WordPress: 4.6+
  • PHP: 5.3+

We highly recommend running the latest version of WordPress. Make sure that your server meets the minimum requirements to run WordPress as well.


All licenses on the Envato Market sites are for a single use. If you are going to use Shortcode Cleaner on one domain, or multiple subdomains, you will only require one License. If you are going to use Shortcode Cleaner on multiple domains, then you will need to purchase a separate License for each domain.


The first thing you will need to do to get started will be to download the plugin zip file from CodeCanyon.

See this video:


  • Log in to the CodeCanyon site using the username and password that you used to purchase the Shortcode Cleaner plugin.
  • After that click your username in the top right and click the link to your downloads page
  • From your downloads page scroll down to locate the Shortcode Cleaner plugin and click the download button, then select All files & documentation
  • Congratulations. You now have a shiny new copy of Shortcode Cleaner plugin.
  • You should now have a file that looks something like this
  • In order to get at the content inside you will need to unzip this file.

Zip Contents

Once you have unzipped the Shortcode Cleaner zip file you will find the following folders have been created.


The documentation folder includes an offline copy of these documents for you to reference. We are mainly interested in the file. This is the WordPress plugin that we will be installing in the next section.

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